Targeted By Location USA Consumer Email Lists


Email Lists by Zip Code, State or City Get Results!

You can now target your specific market and zero in on your potential clients. This is an excellent cost effective way to get quick sales and awareness. Get a free email list quote below.

A great way to minimize your time and sending costs, pinpoint your specific target area and category and see great results.

What information is included in these lists?
The list will include - Email address, First name, Last name, Address, Zip Code, City, State, Phone number, IP address, Website Source and Date and Time of lead.

This list is your to keep and you can use it over and over. This is a very effective and powerful method of targeting and requires an Official Tech to hand cut this list. Provide your details and zip codes below to get an estimate on email totals and final pricing.

What do targeted email lists cost?
The cost is based on a per City, Per State or Per Zip Code basis and not the necessarily the amount of emails pulled in that location. We will email you a total count and final price for your target location. You targeted email list quote is 100% free of charge and you are under absolutely no obligation to purchase anything email lists from us.

$124.95 per Targeted Email Lists by City (estimate)
$99.95 per Targeted Email Lists by Zip (estimate)
$195.95 per Targeted Email Lists by State (estimate)


Buy Targeted Email Lists by Location

Before ordering location lists please be sure to request a count estimate prior to ordering. If you are happy with your count you may go ahead and order.

Target Option Location


Other Specific Email Data Lists

Category Targeted: Target your Email Lists by Interest Category. Click here for more information.

2013 USA B2B Email Database: The USA Businesses Email Database Includes Business Name, Business Email Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, SIC Code, Address, Zip, Employee Count, and type of Business. Click here for more information.

Daily Email Data Feed: Steady feed of Fresh 100% Opt-In USA consumer bulk email data with complete full records sent to your free cloud account for download everyday Monday through Friday. The estimated feeds of Opt-In consumer data is around 200,000 Daily. This gives you an estimated 4,000,000 (Four Million) fresh consumer records each month. We use advanced verification methods to determine valid email addresses so you know your receiving quality fresh Verified emails. Click here for more information.

What's Included in the data lists?
Email list include; Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, IP Address, Date & Time & Website Source.

Tel: 888-604-4966 Phone support 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST M/F. For after hours support please use the contact form.

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