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What is the difference between Subscriber Email Lists and Purchased Opt In Email Lists?

Subscriber email lists are lists that you have been able to build from your previous sales and marketing efforts where the user has explictly given you permission to market to their email address and you are able to prove this. A purchased opt in list are users who via online surveys, e-subscriptions, and e-registrations, as well as from our extensive network of permission based website's and partners, have opted into being marketed to. In both cases users have full right to opt out or unsubscribe from any mailing list and this must be respected! Please note that not all email sending services will allow purchased lists so do check with your sending platform to be sure you can use our lists. We also offer sending services for subscribed or purchased lists for more information please click here.

Why does my excel list have a column that displays #### hash marks I can't read it?

That means you have text that is wider then the cell. At the top of the page where it says the cell (A,B,C...) on the cell that has the #'s on them. Move mouse to the right in between the 2 cells (mouse will show arrows pointing in 2 directions. Double click your left mouse and it should auto adjust the width of that column.

Can I send bulk email through your website?

We have the best rates and deliverability for a high volume bulk mailer on the planet! To register and send email visit our bulk email software page.

Do good list have the category in the email?

NO!! Example: a list category for MLM marketing that has a list full of emails like this ( or this means your list was most likely harvested and "not" opted-in. People that have an interest in something rarely have an email address to reflect it and a list that shows like this is usually not opt-in and has been harvested with automated software and those emails have been pulled of website's, blogs, and news groups.

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How do you filter lists by State/City/Zip Code?

We use the full data record to filter the lists by address grouping. Our data comes with Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, IP Address, Date & Time, Website Source, Verification Date & Time, Server Verification SMTP Response. We sort the targeted list by location then pull out that specific target to compile your list.

How do I order Email Lists?

You can purchase email lists by clicking on the Buy Now button found on each of the service / product pages (This is the top of the page for all things email list related) then entering in your payment and list details.

Please note for Bulk Email Software subscriptions we will process your payment through to ensure on going security and set up monthly billing. Of course you can also choose Paypal and skip this step.

What payment methods do you accept?

Due to the high rate of internet fraud we accept Paypal as their security is protects both the seller and the buyer. You do not have to have a paypal account in order to pay. Paypal will simply process your credit or debit card payment. . To pay by Paypal please click here. If you prefer to pay be credit card over the telephone kindly call us on 1 (888) 604 4699 and we would be happy to process your payment. We do not keep any credit card data on this server. We also accept western union in some cases. Kindly contact us if you require more information.

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When I purchase an Email List is it mine to keep?

Yes all purchased lists are completely yours to use over and over You can send bulk email to your purchased lists as many times as you like as you have ownership of the list upon purchase.

Do you offer Support?

Yes we will help you with any questions you may have please contact us with any questions. If you have questions on sending bulk email we have a full time support staff within your software account, simply log-in to the bulk email software and open a support ticket.

What format do the list come in?

The email lists format is Microsoft Excel .CSV (Comma Separated Values) The lists can be opened with Microsoft Excel. If you have a special request please make a note before ordering.

How do I receive my Email List?

The email list will be emailed to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday. If you have not received your email list within a 24 hour period please check your spam folder or contact us. We also have had known issues with AOL and some other small outdated providers like comcast.

How can I cancel my services?

You can contact us with your Full Name and Email address used on the billing registration and we will be happy to remove you from the monthly billing cycle. We will promptly confirm the removal via email reply. Your Email Address will NOT be SOLD and is used for our purposes of communicating with you regarding services on this website. Your information is 100% secure with us and is kept confidential and internal. If you have any questions regarding your privacy please read our privacy policy and disclaimer.

Tel: 888-604-4966 Phone support 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST M/F. For after hours support please use the contact form.

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